Formwork covers all aspects of re-inforced concrete

Re-inforced steel

This comes in all different gauges from 6mm - 50mm cut and bent We try to pre-fabricate as much as possible where we can, as we have found great advantages from this e.g wall-panels,pile-caps,ground-beams and columns. All of these can be made up and stored until we are ready for these, then they are lifted into place with a machine or crane and tied in place to line and level. We also fix in-situ, this is done when the structure is heavy gauge steel or when the structures are not a straight forward fix e.g stairs,ramps,lift-pits,bridges and radius work. We always look for the most practical way and at the highest standards achievable.


We are highly experienced in a wide range of methods in shuttering
Design and build (timber make)
Work to temporary formwork drawings - steel shutter systems,al-form systems or traditional (timber) supplied by the likes of rmd,doka and peri.
Build pre-fabricated shutters then lift in position with machine or crane
Shuttering is a temporary fix be it steel shutters,falsework or timber make the objective of this is to form a concrete structure which is at line and level to the clients specifications
To achieve these standards all structures need a 50-100mm blinding which needs to be put in at line and level
This is a very important factor as this makes a good base to fix shutters too whether the structure is completed in 1 pour or 2 or more finished concrete should always be kept to line and level if it is done in more than 1 pour then a grout check should be used and the surface should be scabbled to form a good construction joint Water bar is also used to stop any water leaks through the structure
It is very important to get the correct cover off the re-inforced steel from steel to finished concrete this again is achieved by keeping to line and level


Concreting is an important factor in achieving the highest standards in the finish of the structure.
Structures need to be poured in equal layers this is done to prevent any cold joints in the stuctures
All Re-inforced concrete is to be compacted using a high frequency poker this helps the concrete reach its highest strengths and also takes out any air pockets which are in the structure
There are different finishes that can be achieved e.g
* Tamp finish
* Steel float finish
* Power float finish
* Brush finish